Q6600 50C and up to Hot?

..Im Running on a Quad 6600..

I do a lot of Graphic Work..and some gaming and have a Quad6600..nice cpu like it a lot....What arose my Question is my Buddy Just went out and bought a..Cpu e8500 alienware Rig.. also a very nice cpu..like that one alot too..but i started to watch my Temps again on my cpu/gpu because we are going to bench them.... and i realized im running at around 40/40/47/49C and up..and my Gpu (8800GTS) is running around 72.. I do live in a warmer climate..Like today is about 90F.. i was just curious if you guys thought that was too hot..? or if im right around normal temps..? im also on a stock heat sink and it is at stock speeds never overclocked yet.......since my water cooling system i cant get to stop leaking..and got feed up with it.. so i went back to air.. :heink:

So my Current...Fan Sett up is ;)

2 120mm fans on the top blowing out..
1 120 mm fan on the back blowing out..
1 120 mm fan on the side blowing in on the intake fan of the cpu/ which is Intel Stock.
1 120 mm fan in the front blowin in
and one 80mm fan on the bottom blow in

My case is an cooler master 690..

Other Specs
550Wat Power Cooler Master
2Gigs of DDR2 880 OCZ
Stock Cooling
8800GTS/ Just Scored another for 30$..going to SLI them together

Thanks any Help would be great
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  1. I would bail on the stock cooler for your cpu and get an aftermarket one,
    besides that i assume it is the standard push pin one,
    which i have heard horror stories of it falling off,
    which you don't want happening I'm sure,
    and pick up some Arctic Silver 5 if you haven't already.
  2. Ya I had a cooler master gem 2 but didn't cool a whole lot better so I sold it off went wit water for about 9 months and after a while got a leak.that i couldnt stop.Might..Gett it going again dont know if its worth it though' So I'm back to stock air ..
  3. For a stock cooler, those temps look OK. Could be a bit better, but nothing to worry about.
  4. Your friends chip will be cooler for 2 reasons.

    A) he only had a dual core, so half as many cores producing heat and

    B) his 2 cores are built on a cooler, more energy efficient 45nm process vs your 4 cores on a 65nm process.

    That being said, your temps are fine. If you get the overclocking bug, definitely pick up an aftermarket cooler, otherwise, enjoy the quad core goodness.
  5. Thanks for the Replys..

    im glad my Temps aren't way off the board than...50C just seemd a little hot to me.and i wantd to make sure.
  6. you may be able to gain a couple of degrees if you lap your heat spreader with wet/dry paper and re apply after market thermal compound, but it will only gain you a few degrees so you are better of with a new cooler.
    but perhaps this is a cheaper temporary solution.
    best of luck
  7. With a q6600 retail setup, you have nothing to worry about if your not overclocking, and your using the stock fan/heatsink. You will get a three year warranty on your cpu, when run at stock, if you bought retail.
  8. Thanks' Ya it dosnt run that hot if its not hot out..
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