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Have a Dell Inspiron XPS T500. Thought upgrading DDRAM would be easy enough. Found out that my A drive was not working. So I could not update the BIOS to handle the higher RAM. Swapped A drives from another computer and had same problem. Put original A drive in a different computer and it worked. So it is not the drive itself. Then I tried swapping cables. Same results. So it's not the cable. The Tech at Staples checked it out and said I needed a new Mother Board. Bought an "SE440BX" and replaced all parts. Other than the sound card being integrated with Motherboard, the only other change to the layout is that the cable from the front panel on/off switch to the Motherboard is different. My original cable is a 2 row connector. The new one appears to be a single row. How do I get the on/off switch cabled correctly to the Motherboard? Once I get this figured out, I'm sure I'll be asking for more support.
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  1. its all there in the motherboard manual
  2. Without the chipset diagram I can only have a stab in the dark here but...

    Guessing that you already know that the front panel cabling will generally have one common colour which is the ground/negative, and a variation of colours to represent the positives. Your mobo should have all your +'s and -'s marked beside the 'single row'.

    I know that on some more basic chipsets with integrated everything, the Front Panel 'row' will have power and reset functions and a seperate connection somewhere on the board for the PC Speaker. As long as you don't mess up your +/-, you could try plugging in your PWR SW and PWR RS cables, then swap them around if they don't work. Shouldn't fry anything if you plug them both in the same way.

    If you are referring to the FP adapter as being your '2 row connector' then simply remove all the cabling from that connector, then plug them into your board. If the cabling is hard wired, your power sw and reset sw leads should be on the same row, which is the side that should be connected to your board.

    There's some ideas for ya, hope they help ;-)

    Oh, and for others that wanna help:

    He probably won't have any manuals or documentation for his hardware as it looks like it was commercially purchased (from a Harvey Norman or something gay like dat) so does anyone know of a link to an online manual for his mobo?
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