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Hey guys I want to upgrade to a video card from my old 7900GTX card and I don't know what I should get I don't intend on spending like 400 bucks for this thing but I want a nice card which performs really well at lower resolutions. I don't hate ATi but let's just say that I have had my fair share of ATi problems in the past and I want a solution with NVIDIA cards if possible and within my budget lower then 400 bucks.
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  1. I have a 600watt ATX PSU and EVGA Nforce 680i mobo (NON-SLi)
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150310

    XFX Geforce GTX 260 OC

    I really am liking this card the 640mhz clock 2300mhz memory looks reallly nice, I mean reallllly nice probably like gets fps like a stock gtx280 like performance.

    what do u guys think and at 329.99 it comes with CoD as well, nice deal

    XFX also has a really nice warranty
  3. anything else from NVIDIA you guys can recommend around or lower then 300
  4. the only other card that i can think of around the 300ish range. would be the 9800GX2

    PNY's version. 329$ after a 50$ mail in rebate.

    but...why not give another shot with the 4870? maybe it was just bad luck before! :D haha, just a thought but its your call.
  5. well my PSU cannot handle a GX2 its a 600 watt atx psu and the 9800GX2 is last generation. I want newest and best I guess, idk the HD4870 is enticing, but ehhh it is ATi..
  6. thats true that the 9800GX2 is last gen, but it is faster than the GTX260.

    well, that's about the only two cards around the 300 range that you specified from Nvidia

    seriously dude, go with the 4870, i'll help you pull the trigger...its okay, its okay. haha

    Visiontek 4870

    did i mention?

    Manufacturer Limited Warranty period (parts): Lifetime
    Manufacturer Limited Warranty period (labor): Lifetime
  7. the 4870 isn't better then the GX2 though is it?
  8. and I think I'd rather get a last gen, very impressive performing card, then an ATi Card.
  9. and also I only play at my res of 1024x768 and 1280x1024 most of the time.
  10. here's the review on toms, you can check it out for yourself and see what games you play and make the decision yourself...

    4870 Review

    but like you mentioned, ur PSU can't handle the GX2, so naturally i would come to the conclusion that the 4870 would be your best bet for a new gen. card that kicks a$$
  11. if you're playing your games at 1024x768, or 1280x1024, i wouldn't even go with a 9800GX2, that is just a waste of money

    a 8800GTS (G92) will suit you just fine, even an 8800GT will suffice.
  12. It looks like a really good competitive card with the very high end cards out there now beating the gx2 and the gtx 260 in most tests and almost upto par with the gtx280, now as far as heat consumption goes, OCing and everything?

    and like I said I play at much lower resolutions then on those tests usually 1280x1024.
  13. yeah I have a 19'' LCD Monitor, and my old card was a 7900GTX and it broke on me, so you think an 8800GTS G92 will be reallllly good for me then?
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130325

    that 8800GTS G92 looks realllly respectable. I think it even beats the 9800GTX in tests
  15. yes, definitely the 8800GTS G92 was the best card for price/performance back in the 8000 series.

    EVGA cards are usually a bit more expensive because of their step up program, you could prolly find some other brands that go for less.

    as far as i know, OC-ing your CPU to a higher clock speed will give you dramatically better performance compared to you just OC-ing the vid. card and leaving the CPU alone. OC-ing a vid. card is a little bit more hard than a CPU, as you have to deal with artifacts and changing the card's video BIOS and such if you were to really want a good OC out of it. and then the heat issue and noise issue, because usually people either turn their fans really high with RivaTuner or they go for a water cooling system.

    there are programs that gives you minor OC's, but nothing dramatic where you would see desirable increase in FPS.

    that is why CPU's such as the E8400/8500 are so great for gaming, their clock speed are so insanely high.

    but looks like we've found your card :)
  16. Actually now that im looking at it its basically the same card just diff clocks, and less power on the 8800GTS G92 and less money, better deal altogether, for my resolution atleast

    I like the 8800GTS G92 KO edition I think I might pick that one up its under 200 bucks with rebate great deal and it outperforms a stock 9800GTX
  17. sounds good :)

    yea, the 9000 series was pretty much a recycled G92 with higher clock speeds.

    i have to go now, take care.
  18. yeah I have a Duo Core 2 3.0GHZ not even OCed right now I think it's an E6850. So how will the 8800GTS G92 KO work with my cpu and 2 gigs of pc6400 and my res 1280x1024 and 1024x768 mostly
  19. At those low resolutions, I would get the 9800GTX. Sure it's nothing special, but the higher clocks will be nicer even at those low resolutions.
  20. well it doesn't matter the G92 KO edition 8800GTS performs better then the stock 9800GTX anyway.
  21. and it is much better priced, come Christmas time might get a new mobo and card and SLi them idk yet, might not need to or just upgrade later on with another single slot solution, may not need for for like awhile though.
  22. Any more advice for my gamer's needs at lower resolutions 1280x1024 res, I want to play games really smooth no stuttering and what not, I don't want a hot card and a humongous card either, something with a good warranty would be awesome too.

    any more help is appreciated
  23. So then my question is this since that dude told me 9800GTX is a better decision:

    9800GTX G92 or 8800GTS G92

    remember I play at low resolutions 1280x1024 usually. 600watt ATX psu
  24. get the 9800GTX+ when it comes out. runs cooler and clocked higher.
  25. hmm I see better performance then the 8800GTS G92 and what about size?
  26. I know now that I don't need a GTX 200 series card that would be overkill as well as the newest radeons at my lower resolutions basically the cheaper 8800GTS G92 KO edition looks really enticing at 169.99 performing better then a stock 9800GTX and is smaller and only 1 PCI-E slot
  27. hmm maybe the 9800GTX OC or something atleast its still reallly good for my res idk im really unsure of 9800GTX or 8800GTS G92 guys lol
  28. Hey you might try the edit button someday. Keep in mind you can always OC the 9800GTX as well, but the 8800gts KO is a pretty good deal.
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