Maximus Extreme Raid 0 Windows 7 Installation

I bought a Maximus Extreme last year. Bios version 1003. All drivers I am using the origial ones with the MOBO and haven't upgraded any drivers.
ATI 4870X2 video card
Velicoraptor 300GB HDD

My system has never failed me but now I want more.

I plan move to Win7 next month and I am also getting another identical Velicoraptor drive.
I have lost my manual and wish to understand or get instructions (step by step hopefully) to prep and install Win7 in Raid 0 configuration.

Asus did mention using their lates Raid IMSM driver version 8901023.

Is this all I need? On a mem stick?
Should I upgrade teh BIOS or just leave it?

If I could get baby step instructions for the entire raid setup I would be most apreciative.

Yes I have decided to use 64KB stripe in the array.

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  1. Aren't the instructions available on your mobo manufacturer's website?
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