Asus P5W DH Deluxe Audio Issues

I have had this mobo for about 2 years now and never had any issues with it. Up until the other day I have had XP Pro on my machine as well. I finally made the jump to Vista Ultimate, now I am having audio issues. No sound whatsoever. I have gone to Asus' website and downloaded the latest combo Realtek audio driver/software for my mobo with no luck. I also downloaded the latest drivers/codecs in general for Realtek and still no luck.

Speakers: Logitech Z-5500

The optical cable is secure and works. Tested it on my home audio system. On the Z-5500 control panel it always says "Input: Optical - No digital data." I have turned this off and on with the control center and the switch on the sub. I have rebooted the machine of course. Is there something simple that I am missing? Yes I have checked to make sure the audio is not muted. When I play a MP3, if I look at the windows colume control in the bottom right it has the green bar bouncing up and down as if music is playing. Any ideas? Asus refers me to realtek, realtek refers me to logitech and logitech refers me to Asus.
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  1. Are you installing the correct drivers. Vista 64 and Vista 32 would be different drivers. These are Vista 32 drivers for your MB.
  2. I just tried those and my machine is really jacked up now. The install caused my machine to blue screen half way through and now I cant install new drivers because it tells me to finish the old install. If I try to uninstall it just sits there and never does anything.
  3. Hmm. I would try safe Mode in your jacked up machine. Go to device manager or Control Panel and simply remove the driver if it has caused a problem.
  4. You mentioned you were using a 'combo' driver, what's that? You need a Vista 32 driver only (if you are using Vista 32 OS). An XP driver will not work with your MB's sound chip in Vista. Vista produces sound differently regarding the use of the hardware (the sound chip) If no Vista driver is available (the one I posted said BETA) which is in testing. There may be no Vista driver for your sound chip, I'm not sure. You may have to buy a new soundcard that is Vista comnpatibile.
  5. These ASUS download links seldom work, but your ASUS P5W DH Deluxe product page list three driver versions for Vista 32 sound.

    EDIT: The link will not work properly. Type in your MB information, go to your product page and download and install the latest Vista 32 audio driver (if you are using Vista 32, you never specified). Beyond that, it is likely user error preventing your audio from working properly. I don't see any 'combo' driver.
  6. One other thing you may have to do to get Vista, including the sound, running correctly on that board is to install the correct chipset drivers. ASUS has the chipset driver listed on the product page. Be sure to load those up.
  7. Sorry, by combo I meant it was a download that had Realtek manager software as well as the HD Audio drivers. I originally tried the one that was listed first on ASUS' webpage. I am downloading the chipset updater right now. I have never done this before.
  8. Updated the chipset with the software they have and reinstalled the driver they had listed first for audio. Pretty much at a loss. Not sure why they would have drivers but then they wouldn't work. I was hoping there was just some easy setting I needed to tweak in Vista.
  9. Each system is different. I am not sure if the chipset drivers include any driver related to your onboard chip. Vista utalizes the hardware (your Realtek onboard sound chip) differently than Windows XP does. That's why you will need a Vista capable driver to run the oboard sound. It is also possible when you load up the Vista driver from the ASUS site, there is no 'precision' driver console available. Have you loaded up that ASUS driver then looked in Control Panel or click on 'Start' and search through the programs for a 'Realtek' Sound Control Panel. I don't know. You may have to 'setup' a control panel. Also, have you tried all the inputs on your MB output? Like try all the outputs, the green, the blue, etc. and see if sound is being piped out of them. Vista sound can be tricky as I'm sure you have found out. If in the end your onboard sound is not going to cooperate, you can always buy a Vista compatible sound card and add it on.
  10. Be sure you load up that ASUS audio driver from the product page. The latest Vista 32 sound driver there. Then click on 'Start' and look for a Realtek or Sound link to a sound console software where you can do a sound 'setup'. with that driver. Look in Control Panel for the sound driver software too.
  11. I greatly appreciate all of your advice and help. I will take a break and try to fiddle with it again later. Thanks again.
  12. Your control Panel will have an icon labeled 'sound'. Be sure you have that ASUS Vista 32 driver loaded up. Go in to Control Panel and cllick on the 'SOUND" icon. Go through there thoroughly and be sure 'Realtek' is being used where needed. Click apply each time you enter the Realtek sound driver.
  13. You are very welcome. I have gone through this a million times.
  14. i just solved my same exact problem. Open the realtek HD sound manager (either the icon in the bar at the bottom or in the classic view of the control pannel)

    double click the orange plug (or what ever plug may be lit up) to the right. and select "Front speaker out". Click the test button to see if it works
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