Raid 0 Stripping Setup & Planning

I am in the process of deciding on my Raid 0 stripping configuration and want some advise.
I have a Maximus Extreme MOBO
Quad Intel CPU
Two Vlicoratpors (300GB)

I currently do a lot of video editing using Pinnacle and Sony Vegas and others. Each have their own pros.

I also like to move large 1gig files round from one partition to the next. To the 3rd 2TB drive I have.

The quest for speed, most of us are after it and it becomes an obsession.

My desktop is rarely used for MS Office type work, some times the latest games but mostly video editing.

Thanks for your input.

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  1. What exactly is your question? ;-)

    If you want sequential speeds, RAID0 is best, assuming you can backup critical data. If you have Intel MatrixRAID, you can enable write caching for additional speeds. This should be an excellent choice if the data isn't that critical, or you have some good backups elsewhere.
  2. thanks for the response.
    I am happy to use Raid 0 but I was just wondering the size of the stripe to use for my particular needs. No none of the data I have is considered "critical".
  3. 128KiB, only bad RAID engines require lower settings.
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