Help with DVD ROM incompatibility?

I have 2 computers both running XP.

COMPUTER A: Pentium 111 733 MHz has Nero 6 Ultra. I burnt a DVD with some HP Drivers, user Manuals ets on a DVD +R Disc, but the RW CD Rom ( LG Super Multi RW Model GSA 4167b wit upgraded Firmware DL13(EW)(1)will not read the disc. It says the data may be corrupted or something like that.

COMPUTER B: Is an HP D530 CMT with a Pentium 4 - 2.3 GHz also running Win XP. But I have no trouble reading this Disc. The CD ROM is a LG Super Multi RW.GSA H54n.

Any thoughts how I can solve this problem?

Thanks. :non: :non:
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  1. Did you close/finalize the CD?

    have you tried the CD on a third PC?
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