Is 1st time powering up w/o POST speaker ok?

So, I have a Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 mobo and Antec 900 case. Everything I bought for my first build is wired in....after hours of work. God, I sure hope I dont have anything defective (especially the mobo!).

My case doesnt have a speaker and my mobo has the connection for one of course. I was not aware the case didnt have one when I was buying it. What is the recommended course of action here? I dont have an old computer to take one out of.

If it powers up ok when I switch it on, am I ok? BTW I havent tried anything yet, because I dont want to screw this up. I would like to test this machine out though!

I was thinking that perhaps I could buy a POST speaker somewhere locally? Would Best Buy or Circuit City have them?

What would you do if you were in my position? Is there a way to ghetto rig a headphone speaker for this purpose or something? :sarcastic:

- Hypnotico
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  1. its fine, i have a GA-X38-DS4 and antec 900. my computer turns on fine w/o the POST "beep" sound. i actually like the silent booting more now instead of that beep i always hear.

    as long as it runs, its fine :)
  2. The speaker is entirely option. Its used to make noises to let you know if the PC made it past the POST screen or if there was an error. I'd say its more of a server thing (where lots of machines operate without monitors or with a shared monitor) that desktops inherited.
  3. The only thing you need the speaker for is to help diagnose why your system will not post. If it post's fine, you have no use for it.
  4. You are only going to need the speaker when you need it. :)

    Like azunguy said, "as long as it runs, its fine".

    I breadboarded my system and installed WinXP before I put it into my 900. After I installed the PC in the case, I stuck the speaker onto the side of the PSU.

    The first IBM PC's 25 years ago had speakers.
  5. Wow, Thanks so much everyone for the responses!! :D
    As soon as azunguy said "as long as it runs, its fine" I jumped the gun. That was all i needed to hear, lol. Yeah, it booted up fine; things went absolutely perfect. I am amazed. With all the parts and everything I thought for sure something would be defective, but so far so good!

    I am ecstatic right now, this was my first build ever and it worked out. Im sure Ill have difficulties and questions in the future, but wow: I built a working PC! :sol:

    Thanks everyone!! :D

    I think I will hold off on trying to find the speaker...and yes jsc i remember hearing that beep every time the IBM we had way back in the day booted up. I was just a kid then using the comp to play Nintendo-like games. Before that it was pac-man on the Apple with a green screen. Technology sure has progressed.....

    - Hypnotico

    Q6600, GA-X48-DS4, 2x2 G.Skill DDR2 1066, WD6400AAKS, Sapphire 4850, DVR-215DBK, Antec 900, Corsair 750 Watt, XIGMATEK S1283, AS5, Vista 32 Home, Black Zip Ties
  6. Call Antec support. They will mail you a speaker for free.
    Speakers are good diagnostic tools.
    Beeps have made me aware of problems I did not know existed.
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