Disk burners with windows 7 64 bit

I put the new version of Roxio on this computer. It stated it was compatible with Windows 7. I have 64 bit procressing. Problem is that it isn't very stable. I've tried to back up my movies from DVD to DVD. I'm only getting about 1/2 that is turning out. Pretty pricey! I'm using TDK DVD-R disks.

Is there a more stable software I can use?
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  1. You have 64-bit windows 7?

    "Problem is that it isn't very stable" - thats not a 64-bit issue, please do not blame it.

    Burn your discs at a lower speed, say 4x
  2. Try better software like Nero. Have those disks always worked on that system?
  3. Thanks for sharing the information.It is definitely going to help me some time.

  4. lol at the advertisment +1 for nero, nero = my fav since it is the most user friendly to me
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