My third attempt at trying to build a form factor gaming pc

Hopefully i can nail it on the head in this thread.

Basically i travel abroad a lot and use airplanes so im building a desktop PC that can fit in my suitcase (the big one that you check in). I will probably take it apart and put the expensive parts in my carryon while leaving the case and hardrive etc in my suitcase whenever i travel so no risk of getting stolen.

Ok ive been looking at Shuttle PCs (small form factor PCs) and also this thing called an XQ pack.

Something like that has 2 pci x 16 slots and wireless lan seems ideal. Apparently that comes with a motherboard and power supply and everything? (id probably upgrade power supply to 700 w). The big question is can i fit a q9450 quad core processor, which custom cooler and can i fit 4870 graphics cards in this? This seems like a good option....

Another option is
This X-Q pack II looks awesome and id buy it from cyberpower except they only offer crappy NVIDA graphics card (i have no idea why, i want dual 4850s or something).

Guys can you please help me ive been trying to find a solution for ages. Also i think this shuttle computer is small enough to fit in your carry on. It will be funny when i take it out and put it through xray for security. Xray wont break it and security wont think its some kind of nuclear device?


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    These are the x-q pack cases.
    But what is biggest Mobo and good stuff i can fit in this? Also power supply custom coolers etc?

    And is shuttle better? or are there EVEN better form factor alternatives???
  2. Help. Please. Desperate. Lol.
  3. That shuttle box looks like it could handle an aftermarket's got room.
    I like the x-q pack looks really nice and the handle...try and find out if you can change the psu.
    Other then that you might be stuck...not a big market considering the heat these gaming monsters generate...
    Good luck!
  4. If you are packing desktop with all accessories, like screen, keyboard, mouse and surround speakers, into our suitcase where are you going to put your other things? Seriously they invented the laptop (space saver) many years ago and there are several companies that produce decent gaming laptops for traveling gamers.
  5. No i just need to be able to fit the desktop PC in
  6. how big is the suitcase?(or how big is the space you'd be willing to allocate to it)
  7. FugBen

    Shuttle is a bit too small for what you want to do IMO. Most shuttles i see only comes with a small form PSU... get a Silverstone SFF or a B-gears SFF (i own this), the B-gears can house a Modular PSU which is a must for any SFF and i can fit a EVGA 8800GT into it no problem. In the B-gears, however, the heatsink area is very limited. Other suggestion at high price would be Falcon's Fragbox, TT's got a pretty affordable SFF too with handles as well. ... well if you could find out and make sure that a 4850 have a same dimension as a 8800gt then b-gear(at least) would be a go... but i havent seen much (if any) of the micro atx board that supports dual GPU's (or even 2x pci-e 2.0 lanes for that matter).


  8. time for a soup-up laptop maybe? :)
  9. i know this guy that builds and designs these sff cases.
    this case can fit 2 8800gtx in sli, zalmon 9700 heat sink, full size power supply, 4 hard drives and has room for water cooling. with 3 120mm fan it run great.

    I've been in this guys shop and the only use parts made in new york. so the quality of the case is so much better the anything from china. i worked with other small form factor cases they all are really cheap and flimsy this one hold together great and doesn't feel flimsy.

    it cost a lot but for a 9450 and and high end graphics card it will be worth it

    it about 11x11 inches
    but i bet its way out of your price
  10. I dont want a laptop because they r so incredibly slow even with newest cards. Those look good. But id rather build something myself for cheaper do you think i can fit a micro atx motherboard into the shuttle / x-q pack along with a 4870x2, a quadcore processor and aftermarket zalman cooler?
  11. Does this

    Come with motherboard?

    Can i upgrade its PSU? Fit a cpu? A zalman? a 4870 x2? thanks.
    Its either this or x-q pack i think ( x-q pack looks cooler)
  12. The x-q pack or shuttle its what im thinking. I just CANT figure out what the max i can pimp them out is.... 4870 x2 fit? zalman fit? sizes oh my brain HURTS... Maybe better case from newegg i cant figure it
  13. ^^ you could always make yourself a case (I've people do it, it's not that hard if you put your mind to it and take precautions)

    *edit* use an old case as spare parts to start with
  14. Do i get sheets of metal put it togetha
  15. well when thinking of how hard metal is to work with I'd suggest two things:
    1. mod an existing case like item, (old case, old radio, old lunch box) stuff that's already halfway there, heck an old suitcase might be just the thing, dependant on the size
    2. Do it with wood or plastic, etc (reinforced if need be)
  16. do you put parts on motherboard before putting in case???????
  17. ^ ???

    I suppose you could go both ways, though it'd be easier to put them after and make sure you made the holes correctly so that everything fits correctly, then you can "stich" up the holes later on to ensure a snug fit around the Gfx card vent

    kinda like making the hole fit around the components after you put them in

    I suggest taking a backplate from a pc case to help you make the holes
  18. im not machine man. Perhaps best i buy a shuttle pc barebones and put it together??? do u think 4870 x2 fits in shuttle or xq pack case??? can i upgrade PSU u think?????

    its so hard... no one gives answer
  19. i know the case i said above was the first form factor case to fit a zalmon 9700
    look on review sites for cases they will usually give you the space there is for a cpu heat sink and video card
  20. yup, get the shuttle and try to build it up from there, though your video card would be restricted to one that's around 9 inches (not more than 10, check the 4870x2's specs when it comes out), you should be ablle to put one that's double slot easily. But you probly won't be able to put a 9700 as heatsink, I'd suggest this one:
    it's around an inch shorter than the 9700/9500
    tough even a cheap heat sink should be good since you got two fans directly beside it
  21. i wouldn't buy a case and motherboard package. just buy a case then by a motherboard the fits your needs
  22. i think the 4870 is 9.5 inches
  23. ^^
    here's a small case, seems to be big/small enough though I don't think you could put a dual slot GPU in it
  24. cool thanks. ill post here again when i haev my build finalised
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