Help with hard drives newb screwed up I think?

I have three drives 2 7590 gigs in raid o and 1 500 gig. for some reason the 500 is not showing up under computer. I am running windows 7 pro 64. I am new at this and I haven't a clue please help
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  1. If it shows up in the bios but not under my computer, it isn't formated. Not sure how in win7, but you need to go to the control panel/disk management and format it from there.
  2. RAID 0 without a did you even get there?

    4745454b... If he added it to to the array, it should be there...maybe you should find a life beyond trying to answer questions you have have no insights to...
  3. Where did he say he was adding it to the array? Its pretty common to have a non RAIDed drive in a computer for backup/storage purposes. I'm not sure what crawled up your @$$, answering peoples questions is the point of these forums, and I happen to have "insights" on quite a bit of material.
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