Laptop windows xp installation wont start

I have an Acer e725 with an annoying problem.I tried to reinstall the windows,using multiple versions,but after the setup formats and install de necessary files on the hard-drive and restarts the installation doesn't start it just goes back to setup from the cd doing the previous process again.I've change the boot setting from the bios,nothing,I've changed the configuration for the sata drive from AHCI to IDE still it a hard drive problem?If not any help?
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  1. Silly question, but you have tried taking the CD out of the drive?
  2. I did,obviously,still nothing...
  3. which case it's probably not going back to the setup. Exactly what does happen when you try to boot without the CD in the drive? What messages do you get?
  4. "No bootable device"...insert boot disk and press any first,the first booting device was the cd-rom and second the hard I've changed this(hard-disk first,cd-rom second) and still get the same message
  5. You say that you've changed the SATA drive to IDE mode. Have you tried to install again since doing that?
  6. yes...I've tried at least 4 times on each configuration with different windows cd's
  7. Since you've tried multiple versions and none of them work I would suspect that there is a harware fault with your laptop. One CD might be corrupt, or the laptop might not work with a particular version of windows, but a consistent failure like this is not normal.
  8. I've used this CD to install the OS that I'm using now and since I've tried with another one I'm thinking it's a hard drive problem....also I used to have a blue screen error when the Windows setup from the CD was supposed to start....since I've switched to IDE mode this problem was removed but it lead to my current one....also If I switched back again now to AHCI I don't get a blue screen error but it still doesn't help me to start the installation.
    PS:I quess this wasn't such a silly question after all..
  9. AkilMai said:
    PS:I quess this wasn't such a silly question after all..

    In case there's any misuderstanding, I meant that my original question was probably a silly one.
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