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I get my internet through a wireless connection. I need a device that can connect to that wireless connection, and then share that connection either through wireless or wired connection in my house.

Has anyone done this before? Will a "range booster" do what I want?

Please help!
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  1. I live in a remote town on a small island in the Philippines. A guy in town has a satellite internet connection, which he broadcasts via wireless to the whole town. I have an external outdoor antenna pointed at his antenna. The cable from the antenna plugs into a PCI wifi card in my PC. My internet comes through my connection to the wireless network.

    What I need is to plug the outdoor antenna into a hub/router/repeater/bridge that can connect to the wireless network as a client, then share that connection to my house, either via wireless or wired connection. The device needs to be smart enough to act as a client and connect to the wifi network and then like a cable modem, share that as the internet connection on my home network.

    Is there a device that can do this? Please be specific! What device can do what I need?
  2. Thanks for the link, but this does not help at all. What I am trying to do sounds really simple, but it turns out to be really difficult.

    My connection is from an external antennae to my ISP, which happens to be a wifi connection. I need a device that I can plug this antenna into and then share that connection to my home LAN. Sounds simple, right? TRY IT. Nobody has been able to tell me how to do this yet.

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