AMD 3000+ sempron on it's last year

Hey all,
So i've had my amd for too many years now, and it's starting to get bad.
I'd like to OC it to a decent amount so it can run wow w/out too much lag. and i don't want it overheating. so manybe a slight difference and explain how i OC if i can. ALso i'd like to update my bios, not sure how to do that either.
Here are my specs:
450W PS
ATI 1950 GT Graphics card 512mb
Chaintech mk8t890 Mobo *nothing but problems since the day i got it*
1gig of ddr1 ram, i think pc 3200
120 gig western digital

So i sucesfully found the bios and went to the highest setting which got the processor up to...1.9ghz lol lots of more poer, but anyhow, once i get into windows it goes back down to 1.8 how do i save it properly, i saved my bios

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  1. Definitely time for an upgrade ^_^. Anyway, read an overclocking guide on socket 754 CPUs.

    Disable any power saving features in your BIOS. When you change settings in your BIOS, make sure you "Save and Exit" rather than just exit. As for upgrading your BIOS just follow the instructions as per the Chaintech website.
  2. k i did all that , disabled the poewr settings and it still doesn't save once i log into windows. what could that be? and what is spread spectrum? it's an option on the OC bios menu, on or off are options but i have tried both thanks please help :D
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