AMD 3000+ Registers 256 L2 Cache

I recently bought a used AMD 3000+ FSB 333Mhz processor. My Bios is registering the chip as an XP2700+. When I run WPCUID it says the Processor string is AMD 2700+ and has only 256M L2 cache. The label on the CPU is:

AXDA3000DKV4D Y850994206854

I've never heard of a Barton CPU with 256 L2 cache?

Any explanation would be helpful.

P.S. M/Board - Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe latest BIOS.
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  1. That's normal... they propbably ripped you off... its that or its not being properly used on your motherboard... (the FSB limit thingy) try CPU-Z
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