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I have a zerotherm zen cooler sitting around and I'm just about to get around to overvolting my cpu. When I overvolted using the stock cooler, the temp got up to 80c using prime 95, so I shut it down and started looking at aftermarket coolers. I have a zerotherm zen (which actually does perform pretty well) but what I'm worried about is the fact that the available bracket for LGA 1366 has no backplate. It's intel's spec pretty straightforwardly, and I'm wondering about the weight and if anyone has any similar experiece with x58 mobo's aftermarket coolers who have no backplate (that are about the same size and weight).
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    I got to ask, why don't you want to use a backplate?

    For best cooling top notch coolers use a backplate.

    Look here for reviews on coolers. You pick.
  2. I already own the zerotherm zen, I've had it for a while now. It's not that I don't want to, but that the attachment mechanism for the zerotherm zen has no backplate for it's i7 bracket. I'm wondering if anyone has used a large cooler like this with no backplate and had it fail or succeed. That's what I'm asking.
  3. Here is what you do, get a piece of acrylic then cut it to size then drill holes in it to fit the i7 holes then get some screws and screw it down.

    Why is everyone "against" modding... its really not that difficult.
  4. "Modding is too hard" (Whine) Oh ye of little faith.
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