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I have the above case, got it used. It is missing 4 of the pci slot fillers (not sure what to call them) -- the metal slide-in things you remove from the back of the case if you use add-in cards. I have tried to contact Coolermaster, no results.

Anybody know where I can get these? Or have some they don't use? Thanks.

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  1. The Centurion uses a different kind. I had some of the normal ones and they don't hold in place. Brilliant that the company felt it had to reinvent the wheel on this.
  2. I have a Coolermaster Centurion 5. This case only with the clear side panel. Currently have an old socket 754 system installed and use it in an office lab to download clinical photographs from a digital camera. Kind of a one use only system sitting in a Lab. I built it a long time go. Anyway, you may take the cover you need to a store or shop near you and show them what you need. Or email Coolermaster and ask if the part is available and for how much.

    CM support: 1-888-624-5099
  3. Coolermaster is sending me what I need, jumped on it the same day I emailed -- and they're throwing in a case fan wire extension to boot. Great company.
  4. Great! Yeah, I like Coolermaster cases. I was at Fry's Electronics in Anaheim last night and picked up an Antec Three Hundred for would you believe $39...............8). It was like I won the door prize.
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