Will a Nvidia EVGA 9800 GT Graphics Card Fit In My Computer?

I have a a6554f model HP computer. It has an availible PCI-E slot but I dont know if the card will fit where it is located. The card is 9in. long and 4.38in. tall. Does anyone else have this model computer that has upgraded the video card or does anyone know if it would fit for sure?

Also.. Im going to need to upgrade the power supply. Is there a certain type that I would need for my computer or are all mostly the same size?
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  1. you will need a graphics card which is a small form factor, a normal PCI-E card will be to long, some card like the 8400 GS will have an option to remove the face plate and put a smaller one on, im not sure which is the best card u can get i think its summit like the 9500 GT but dont quote me on it :P
  2. If your case is a SFF as ryan suggests, you could look at transplanting your PC into a new case then adding the 9800gt ;)
  3. Its a normal size case.. what is a SFF exactly?
  4. SFF = Small Form Factor (basically a small case)

    Why not just open up the side case and measure and see if there is enough room, you might need a better PSU too depending on power rating.
  5. i agree just measure or go to big boy case haha
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