Keyboard Problem Virus or Hacker?!

Hi. i seem to have a problem with my computer as i think its a virus because it seems to be spamming my s and f key like ssssssssssssssss and ffffffffffff and my caps lock wont turn on! only my num lock and scroll lock. Please i need help ive already formatted my pc a few weeks ago and i dont want to do it again. Oh and before people say yes i have tried different keyboards.
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  1. have you tried this in safemode?
  2. Have scaned your system for a virus? What happens when you start in safe mode?
  3. First, make certain that your keyboard is properly plugged in.
    Next, turn over the keyboard and clean it out if you can.
    I have had similar problems in the past, and replaced the keyboard under warranty...Problem solved.
  4. Are you using a PS2 keyboard? If so, try a USB keyboard - if it's already USB, try a PS2 keboad or use a USB->PS2 adapter to use your keyboard in a USB port. If you only have a USB keyboard and no adapter, try your keyboard in every USB port - yes, sounds silly, but yo may have multiple distinct USB controllers on the MB - for instance, the front and back usb ports may be different.
    If the problem in any way appears linked to using USB, you may try re-installing the chipset drivers that came with your MB (or recent ones from online, of course).
  5. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that it is a virus. The most probable problem is that your keyboard is broken. Borrow a keyboard from a friend, and make sure that it is the same type (PS/2, or USB) to narrow it down.
  6. is you keyboard wireless? sometimes wireless keyboard behave strange, just unplug the receiver and plug it back, this should fix it.
  7. Like others are saying, it sounds more like a problem with your keyboard. Either a problematic connection to the USB/PS2, or the keyboard is just trying to roll over and die.
  8. As I said I've bought brand new keyboreds and it's happens and no I haven't tried safe mode and I have done a scan
  9. Give safe mode a try
  10. Doubt its a virus. Try with a usb keyboard (eliminates the possibility of your ps2 port being knackered) and if you really think it's a virus, try with a boot disk such as bartpe or a linux boot disk

    haha. try a friends.
  12. I'll report back tomorrow
  13. btw I did try different USB ports it happened after I installed a font so I uninstalled it and used system restore
  14. actually ive heard of this before, i dont know HOW but it apperently can be done..

    do you play counterstrike or other online fps? based on your use of wording of "hacker" and "spamming" ill bet you are. if so there is certain commands the server op can send to your machine to recognize only a certain type of LANGUAGE type. for instance we take it for granted that in english s is s and f is f, now if the op wanted to mess with you a command can be sent to make your keyboard only understand the manderin language or portuguese or whatever. or the command can be whatever symptoms your having.

    the only thing to be done is to check regional and language options in control panel.......or uninstalll the keyboard software and download a new driver.
  15. well it's a dell keybored that came with my xps 720 and i've never had problems. Ever and yes I play css
  16. do you play at 1 particular server? if so find out who was admin at the time or someyou know who is a admin and ask them, "can my keyboard commands be changed through server side commands?"

    when i played cs before steam, this was a common thing for admins to reroute your keyboard commands.
  17. no wired
  18. maybe a bios update would fix it. I told my friend about it and he said it's either a vista problem or a motherboard problem
  19. I'll come back In the afternoon I need to get up at 6:00 am
  20. It isn't vista or your motherboard. It's almost definitely the keyboard.
  21. oh wow...this is like a conspiracy theory complete with video games and bios issues....

    Just try a new keyboard. It is almost definitely just a bad connection, or a key gets stuck down due to some dirt or what not under the key...
  22. cjl said:
    It isn't vista or your motherboard. It's almost definitely the keyboard.

    According to the OP, he's tried different keyboards. If this is true, then it's a dinger of a problem.

    @DarkRoy: I know you've said you reformatted recently, but not during this current session of troubleshooting. I know it sucks, but my suggestion is to try reformatting again and do a clean install of windows. If the problem persists, it would seem to narrow the problem down to the motherboard itself.
  23. To all those people insisting that it is the keyboard...
    Are you blind or stupid or something?
    He has said that at least twice...
    So stop spamming with stupid responses and read what he is actually telling you before you start typing crap...
    There you go... i let some steam off... hehe
  24. The problem surfaced after he installed a new font. It may just be a coincidence, but that points to some sort of software problem. System restore apparently did not back up completely to the working state. At this point in time, it looks like a full clean install is in order.

    Is it possible to test the functioning of the keyboard without the OS? Can you test the keyboard in another system to eliminate it as the problem? I am thinking that navigating the bios screen or memtest would do the job, except there may not be a place where you can type a "s" or "f".
  25. ^^ dos/linux/bartpe boot disk/disc (as I've already said...)
  26. ok well I rang dell support and they send they'll send a brand new keybored since the ones I tried were ps/2 so I'd that don't work I'm sendin pc back for repair
  27. if my spelling is crap it's cause of my iPod touch
  28. DarkRoy said:
    if my spelling is crap it's cause of my iPod touch

    i was going to troll this thread to death with a "IGOTACAPSANDSPACEPROBLEMCANYOUHELPME?"

    But then i read that. You better delete that post, is bound to become a internet meme in 3 , 2 , 1.....
  29. Ok well my mum went out and bought me a logitech flat keyboard (its kinda hard to type on them cause it feels like a laptop) and ill use dells keyboard when it comes tomorrow so it must of been beause i washed the keyboard. Thanks for all your help anyway :D
  30. so it was the keyboard that was the problem...funny how that works....
  31. FFS :sarcastic: . Oh well, at least you got it fixed :)
  32. Yeah... ive never had this problem before when having a keyboard cleaned... heh
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