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My 'add hardware " logo is in the bottom right toolbar of my desktop. It will not go away! Also, I hear a pop sound every few seconds.
How do I make it stop?
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  1. click on it and let it add the hardware?
    install microsoft tweek UI for XP, and use it to turn off the message balloons.
    you can download it from MS powertoys website
  2. When you say "pop" do you mean a ding? Could be one of your USB devices is failing and keep trying to re-install itself. If you are hearing a pop (like a blown speaker pop), turn off your audio, is the pop still there? If it's not, you may have an issue with the sound card or maybe the speakers/speaker cable.

    If it's the add/remove hardware Windows default ding, unplug your USB devices one at time and see if it goes away.

    What you asked for is a bit like asking how to best wash blood out of a shirt when you should be asking how do I stop bleeding.
  3. the pop is the sound, generated by XP when a message balloon appears.
    Installing tweek UI will allow you to turn off the message balloons, which are very irritating.
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