New comp havin problems loading

Alright heres my problem because i cant figure it out for the life of me. Its been 2 days i been lookin all over. Alright so - first i installed vista 64 and there were no problem. I turn off comp and move it to where i wanted my pc to be then i load it and i got some missing ntoskrnl1.exe error. Eventually i figured out that if i clear my CMOS it loads windows fine.

THEN i install all my drivers and all is fine again but of course i have to restart the comp to apply everything. Did that and goes up to the loading screen for windows and i get a blue screen that only stays up for like .2 seconds so i cant even read the error. So windows isnt loading. Eventually i try to clear CMOS again and it works then it loaded up windows and my cd rom drive was gone.

So i edited regedit rom area and deleted some things according to microsofts webpage to reinitializing cd drives and turn off the computer once again. This time however on reboot i got the same blue screen right before load. However now even when i clear cmos it doesnt load at all.

So i decided to reformat. I've tried vista 64, 32 and xp. All give me the same results. On the load back to where windows starts up i get blue screen that i cant read because its dissapearing way too fast. Comp keeps resetting after that and at the moment im doin a HD test (which passed) and RAM check. IF both of these pass i have no idea what is going on. Everything on the mobo is plugged in correctly. HDD is set in sata slot 1, cd drive is on its own IDE cable and plugged in master along with jumper. Ram is in correctly and so is every other piece of hardware.

Help anyone? I dont know what to do
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  1. try memtest86
  2. How hot does your cpu get? Check the health status in the BIOS. Perhaps the heatsink is not properly seated on the CPU.
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