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Anybody know if crossfire 16x disables 4x pcie on DK x48 t2rsb+?

I need to find out before a plunk down $600 for a 9650se pcie 4x raid(with battery backup) I've been reading and everybody says to make sure, mobo compatability list is old as hell and google turns up nothing useful, just specs of the motherboard and reviews with only overclocking results etc. etc. If it does lower that 4x pci down to 1x when 16x crossfire is on is there anybody that knows of a motherboard like it that doesn't?

thanks in advance any help is more than welcome. I'm going to keep searching in the meantime for a review or something that mentions this.
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  1. I would have to assume that it stays enabled. Normally graphics pci-e channels are routed directly through the northbridge. The extras, raid, pata, sata, and other pci-e channels would share the southbridge. I took a look at intel's site and their specs look to be the same as this showing 32 channels(2x 16x slots) off the NB and 6 channels off the SB(4x and 2 for something else or unused). Heres the link, I hope this helps.

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