pcie x16 becoming a bottleneck?

just wondering when do you guys expect pcie x16 1.0 slot becoming a bottleneck?
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  1. on the latest cards theres already a difference between pcie x16 1.0 and pcie x16 2.0 , so i suspect over the next year or two that it will be totally obsolete
  2. yep, just like AGP, except you can still actually use pci express 2.0 cards on a 1.0 slot...
  3. I would also like some proof of this. I know the 4 series cards were a breakthrough but the last time i heard we didnt have a card that saturated the pcie X16 slot yet. Im talking Ultra /G92 GTS cards. I dont know one way or the other thats why im asking.

  4. im pretty sure myself we still dont have a card that utilizes the bandwidth of pcie x16 1.0 just yet. we might migrate to pcie 2.0 for power reasons but not bandwidth purposes. im thinking were gonna need pcie2.0 when dx11 takes place.
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