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I've just upgraded my system and am having some issues when gaming. It runs fine for maybe 20 mins and then the video gets choppy. I'm thinking it must be temp related as I've checked just about everything else I can think of. I'm looking for software that will log cpu and gpu temperature data to a file that I can then look at and see if the temps are high at the times when I experience choppy video.

I'm currently using speedfan to log cpu temp, but it apparently doesn't support my video card, and it's accuracy can be questionable from what I've read on other forums. Everest and Rivatuner are the two solutions I see recommended, but I haven't been able to figure out how to enable logging in either of them. Suggestions?

My system: ASUS P5Q-E, Q6600, 2x2GB, HD 4850.
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  1. sometime that happens to me when i oc my card beyond its limit. is anything overclocked usually if it is it could just be artifacts.
  2. No, everything is at defaults.
  3. Hmm. In Catalyst Control Center the temps always stay around 80c, when I'm doing nothing or right after I exit a game that's started slowing down. As far as the data from speedfan, it's about 51c under load and 44c idle. Do these temps seem normal? Not sure what they should be...
  4. Start Everest and under 'File' select preferences.
    Then select Hardware Monitoring and under that, logging.
    click on the format you want to save in and where you want to save the logs (I use HTML).
    Then select what you want to log.

    Should be that easy. With ultimate, I found a quirk where I had to create a dummy .htm file in my save directory before it would actually start saving the logs. But once I did that I was good to go.

    Keep in mind that your GPU is pretty new - Everest might not recognize it and be able to get temps for it.
  5. If you just want to log min max and current you can use HWmonitor from CPUid

    You can also speed up your video fan like this.
  6. Riva works like a charm, I'm surpised you had trouble with it.

    First download the Rivatuner Core 2 Duo Temperature Monitor Plugin then read the instructions on this page. That will give you Core and GPU monitoring in a nice graphic format. It really is pretty sweet.
  7. riva works on 48XX cards now? i am so there...Been using the Core2 plug in for a while now.

    I do not see support for it yet :(
  8. Dude, I am not sure what is going on with rivatuner. GURU3d did their 4870x2 preview and mentioned using rivatuner 2.09....ok...last I heard though it was not doing so well with the 4800s. Not sure what is up with that.
  9. Well I don't have a 48xx card, so I don't know for sure. He only wants to monitor temps so I would suspect he can get that at least. Plus he said he tried Riva but couldn't figure out how to log temps.
  10. Well, i feel ripped off :(

    HWMonitor to the rescue(and yes the fan is at 35%(4870) if not it would be in the 60-70's(i have seen it run the fan at 0% even tho it still turns when its cold enough), but i set it to 35% when i fold and or game and just leave it that way.)
  11. Must be why he couldn't figure out how to do it. :lol: I'm sure it will get worked out soon. What about ATITool?
  12. nukemaster said:
    HWMonitor to the rescue(and yes the fan is at 35%(4870) if not it would be in the 60-70's(i have seen it run the fan at 0% even tho it still turns when its cold enough), but i set it to 35% when i fold and or game and just leave it that way.)

    I downloaded HWMonitor, but it doesn't appear to be detecting my GPU. I searched on the web site but didn't see a list of supported GPUs, but I find it strange that a 4870 would be compatible and a 4850 is not. Not a big deal, since it doesn't appear to support logging anyway. Also, your CPU temps appear to be significantly lower than mine. Could you give me some info on what would be a normal idle/load temp range for CPU/GPU in a 75-76 degree room? This SS was taken with the PC sitting there after doing absolutely nothing for more than an hour:

    I was able to get Everest logging by following the instructions in one of the posts up above, but it also doesn't appear to be detecting the GPU. Same thing with Riva. Am I a victim of having hardware that is too new?

    Thanks for the help.
  13. Yes, you are a victim of hardware that is too new.

    Sort of. Are you overclocking? I know for some reason if I drop my multiplier on my cpu and pump the crap out of the fsb hwmonitor stops seeing my card.

    I am not out of idea's yet

    It does not quite log temps, but gives you a visual of your temp range.

    I still think if you are worried about temps you should try to increase the fan speed. The video card it self is made to take 100c +(according to ati, i have yet to see it get over 84[82 most times] on auto fan speed), but many users just want it cooler.
  14. nukemaster said:
    I am not out of idea's yet

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. As far as CPU temps, are mine high? I believe my Q6600 is the G0 stepping, I read on the newegg reviews that G0 was supposed to run cooler, or something to that effect. I'm sure I could find this info on the forum, but since I've already got the thread open, figured I'd ask.
  15. There is a link in my sig to the core2 temp guide, check it out.

    On my system(Antec 900 all fans but the top on low and cpu on MB speed control)

    P35 DS3R - Q6600 GO @ 3.0 on stock voltage(i seem to get 1.2 if i turn off speedstep and 1.17-1.18 at load) - some vdroop

    Room temp 27c

  16. Hi guys

    Maybee this answer comes a little bit late, but I have a HD 4870 and I have just downloaded GPUZ v 0.2.8 and it supports logging into files :)

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