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I'm ordering parts for a new computer & was toying with the idea of trying to upgrade the video in my 6 year old Gateway as I'm replacing my 16" crt monitor with a 22" lcd.

The gateway has a 4x AGP slot & I currently have an NVidia GeForce2 MX 400, 64Mb card & was thinking of replacing it with something like a card with Nvidia GeForce fx 5200, 128mb, AGP 4x/8x.

I'm assuming the slash means it will work in EITHER a 4x OR 8x AGP slot.

I'm just wondering if the doubled ram & the fact the card is 6 years newer will create a noticeable improvement in performance. It's 30 bucks at Newegg & I figure I'll save on shipping if I order with the other stuff.

Another idea was to get a cheapo PCI video card to use as a temporary emergency backup.
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  1. Yes, the 5200 is more powerful then the GF2 that you use now. That said, its like your asking if the turtle you are looking at getting can out race your snail. What you need is at least a rabbit, a horse would be even better.

    A 22" LCD means you'll be using the 1680x1050 resolution. You'll need a video card powerful enough to push that many pixels for whatever game(s) you'll be playing. Unless your video demands are light, I would probably go for a 7600GS.

    If you are into gaming there are faster AGP cards out there, but your entire system would need an upgrade. 6 years old? Really?
  2. This will help, it's the hierarchy chart also in the same article AGP recommendations. Yes 4X/8X will work,1965-6.html
  3. I agree with 4745454b, the 7600GS seems like a logical choice for your system, It would work equally well with a weak system or a slightly faster one and making some assumptions about a system that is 6 years old, it should fit in nicley.

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