Suddenly my FPS are terrible

I have two 8800 GTS 512MB SLI in my system, see the rest of the components in my signature. All of a sudden, when playing COD4, my FPS are all over the place. Used to be that I would be having a constant 90 (which is where I think it caps it). Now its all over the place and I cannot figure out why. I reinstalled drivers and riva tuner. Trying to figure out if it is the cards or maybe my memory? Things have been running a bit slower than normal I think.

Anyone have any idea what I should do/what the heck is going on?
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  1. Re-install windows and see what happens.
  2. Oo weird problem lol... err power supply capacitor failing? apparently power supplies drop 20% capacity in 1 year... hmmmm
  3. Its a brand new power supply that I just got back from an RMA. They sent me a brand new one. It was working fine before. I just built the computer about 3 months ago and had to reinstall windows once already pretty recently.

    What are some steps I should take to see which component is causing the issue?
  4. how's the temps?
  5. CPU 39 idle, 50 tops during game, GPU 45 idle, 60-65 tops in game
  6. ok so it's not temp related...
  7. Think I might know what it is... it happened after I hooked up this fan in there. It was a blower I had in there before my i bought my second video card. I threw it in the floppy bay to shoot some air in from the front of the case. Works nice and keeps things cool, but I am thinking maybe that is causing power fluctuations in my video cards, causing inconsistencies.

    Anyone think this may be the case. I can't test this until i get home cuz im at work
  8. Well it isnt the fan, cuz I took the thing out and still poor performance. Anyone got any other ideas?
  9. Run anti-virus and and anti-spyware programs. See if that helps. Also, check to see if something is using up large amounts of CPU power in the background.
  10. I figured it out. Somehow, the core and memory clock speeds got just about cut in half on one of my cards, so that one was slow and they were no longer run at the same speeds. I don't really know why this happened, but I just made RivaTuner rerecognize the default settings of the card in question. Works like a dream now... Very strange.
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