PCP & Cooling 610 W vs CORSAIR TX650 vs ZM600-HP 600Watt

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  1. #1 Personaly I like the Zalman (I own its bigger brother, so prolly a bit biased) very stable, quiet (I just hate the LED's).
    #2 would be the Corsair
    #3 is the PC P&C

    (however all are very good PSU's, and you really can't go wrong with any of them)
  2. Based off the PSU ranking chart, http://www.computer-juice.com/forums/f40/unofficial-power-supply-rankings-14076/

    #1 PCP&C 610 Silencer
    #2 tie Zalman/Corsair
  3. so zalman or pcp?
  4. Of the 3, buy whichever is cheaper
  5. +1. All three are good enough to be worth your money.
  6. Include Enermax as one your PSU candidates.

    The Enermax 625W Pro82+ is pretty good. It damn quiet too.

  7. PCP FTW!
  8. I have read reviews everywhere on the PC Power and Cooling Silencer, its dead quiet and solid power. The 610w is pretty much the best power supply you can buy at 610w.
  9. Ok i`ll take the Pcp, hes the cheapest.
    u can lock the theard
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