ati xfire technology question.

my current mobo is
can an nvidia 8800GT still work in it?
im just asking because the mobo says that it conforms to the pcie 2.0
as well as having ati crossfire technology,
i guess nvidia cards cant support the crossfire tech ( i have no idea on that one)
but does that mean the 8800GT will have issues on this mobo?

im only asking because i myself am having issues! :(
random freezes from bios - post - windows
maybe an issue with the graphics card?
above is the link to the specs of the board
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  1. No the 8800 should work fine by itself. You can't run two obviously. Probably something wrong with another component in your rig.
  2. okies cool just checkin, yeah
    i have no idea what it is :/ i think might be mobo
    (alot of other posts on this web have helped out)
    so atm having someone else look at it (where i bought the mobo from)
    sick of comps in general atm :(
  3. Any single card alone should work fine no matter the board, so long as you have it in the right slot and it has enough power. If you're having problems booting the computer or getting random freezing and such, that's probably not the video card's fault. Are you sure the video card is the problem? Have you tried other video cards?
  4. ah cool well that def. elimates that source of freezing <- here is the
    post i had trying to figure out the problem i didnt think it was the card just because it worked on my ol' mobo then i read the specs again just to be sure i asked :D
  5. mines running an 8800gt on an intel crossfire board , as said , not an issue , id lean more towards your ram being the issue , if you have 2 sticks , pull one out , then swap to other if issue persists , see if you have a dud stick
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