Rising prices, just the UK?

hey, i've been noticing that in the last week or so prices for things like CPU's, RAM, mobos and GPU's are goin up like 5% a week. is this just in the UK? or is it a global trend as the part makers get squeezed?

was just wondering if it was just due to the £ being so weak at the moment. if it is, i'm guna hold off for a bit till the £ regains some ground against the $ (down to £1=$1.70, normally get $2 to a £1 !!). since nearly all the parts are made by US companies, AMD, intel, nvidia.....

people from the US needed, to say if prices there have gone up recently too.

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  1. prices have fallen for years here - while they do rise from time to time they go back down.

    case prices are stable

    nxzt copy of the 900 went up $10 and down $18 free shipping at the egg
  2. the euro is falling that maybe why?
  3. the pounds fallen badly, thanks to our USELESS prime minister/chancellor. and the dollar is stronger against the pound as a result. I'm hoping that the pound will go back up now its cheap and so the £:$ ratio will get better, and stuff from the US will be cheap again.
    but, it might just be that as people watch their money more, they spend less, so the sellers are having to raise prices to keep their profits up.
    was just wondering if the US market for parts had gone up to, that would have explained it. but never mind :(
  4. I can see few people here go to school, and fewer have a bit of market sense.

    Atm, the BTS (Back to School) is one of the top selling times in the year (only seconded by Xmas). We are in BTS times. Sept is the month to cash in.
    Supply and Demand. Demand goes up, and supply maintains the flow, prices go higher. Not much higher but from 5% to 15% higher.

    Anything else i can assist ya fellas ?
  5. i was thinking that too, but the price rises only seems to be on a few items, mostly from american companies. And not really the sort of parts that work PC's need, like high end graphics cards, and CPU's. and i've never really noticed a rise this time of year here. not like easter and christmas.
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