[Q] Windows XP Professional x64 Ram?

I just instaleld a fresh copy of Windows XP Professional x64, and from what I gather, this version can support up to 128 GB of ram? My system is currently only showing 16 GB out of 24 GB? Any ideas to why this might be?
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  1. Check your motherboard specs. That may be the most that the motherboard can support.
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    Check boot.ini to see if it has the /3GB switch. If so try removing it.
  3. My motherboard supports 24 GB. Had Windows 7 installed and saw all 24 GB no problem. The issues is not my hardware, it is the OS.

    I will give that a try ijack, thanks.


    That was it ijack, thanks again :)
  4. Ewww... why would you go backwards that way? XP-64 is Microsoft's red-headed stepchild... it gets no respect. Support for it is limited compared to Vista and 7.
  5. It was for testing, seeing if I got better results,
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