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Just wondering if anybody has this unit or something cloe to it, with a USB connection. I am planning to get one. I need to know if its possible to connect a USB hub and have two devices conected to the USB Port on the router to share on the network. (Printer and External HDD)
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  1. No, D-Link only sets up their USB for the Windows Network setup. You cannot setup a hub or device. I was disappointed by this when I got my DGL-4500.
  2. Actually I have to correct myself. Was so busy with other stuff I missed that D-Link released a new firmware that allows the usb port to be used for other devices. Might need to check your router with D-Link to see if there is an update. If you have the DGL-4500 the firmware you want is 1.13.
  3. Hmmm I just bought this and was just now looking at it. I haven't hooked it up yet, waiting for my FIOS to be installed.
    Here is an odd question... Why would they put a Cat 5e wire in with this when it is suppose to be THE GAMING ROUTER!!?? I would have expected a Cat 6 wire instead. How shameful to put a Cat 5e wire in with this gaming router! :ouch: :ouch:
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