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Dear Friends,

Good evening! I am using Dell Inspiron Netbook. The display is not sufficient for AutoCAD. So i want to buy a second monitor with large display. As there are so many varieties of different configurations, i am confused. Plese advice me which monitor i have to buy. Is there any USB monitor which can be connected to my netbook without connecting to a separate power source?

Thanks in advance!

Chennai, India. :(
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  1. Do you have the exact model number, there are a wide variety of Inspiron models and it has been sold for years ...

    And no, you won't find any USB monitor, there is no such thing, nor will you be able to power your monitor through your laptop in any way.
  2. Surprisingly there are monitors powered solely from the USB (hard to believe!), such as the Mimo monitor and a Toshiba model.

    But these would be useless if you need a monitor more powerful than a laptop model for AutoCAD. There is no way, at this time, that you will find a USB-only large monitor usable for high resolution tasks like AutoCAD. In this sense, Zenthar is correct. Perhaps with USB 3.0 which allows more power, this will be possible soon, but then you will be powering a large monitor from your laptop's power supply which has its own problems.
  3. I don't have a netbook but I have a small Toshiba laptop. The laptop screen is low resolution but it has HDMI and VGA outputs and will operate a 1080 resolution monitor just fine from either of them.

    I really hate to think about running AutoCAD from a netbook. Older versions of AutoCAD might work fine but newer versions will be slow. I'm running a dual core intel processor at 3.8GHz with 4GB of ram and Autocad 2009 is slow on it. We ran AutoCAD 2000 on some pretty low powered hardware but Autocad's power requirements have grown faster than Intel's cpu power has grown.
  4. Any good monitor should have both VGA and HDMI inputs, but you will have to use external power, as I just can not see the small USB monitors being powerful enough to use for something like AutoCAD. Especially since they are mostly designed to be used with a tablet PC or a smart phone, however they can be used for a laptop. Just remember when you do use a secondary display on a laptop, many times you will need to activate the monitor on the laptop (usually the alternate function of f8, but sometimes it may be a different key depending on the manufacturer). This will switch between clone, dual, and each individually. If your using Win7 or Vista, this will be much easier...

    *edit* I should also add that most netbooks are designed to be used to browse the web, webchat, and other internet and light processing duties. The trouble maybe with the hardware itself in the netbook (as in just not powerful enough), and not so much the screen. Though having said that, some of the newer netbooks do have pretty nice hardware setups, and you will probably have better success with an older version of AutoCAD as well.
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