Setting SSD to read only

Does anyone know how to do this?
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  1. It's the same as setting a hard disk to read only; you can do so within the drive's properties windows, or using a utility.
  2. Have an 80g ssd intel drive and cant get it out of ready only mode. This drive can't format write any thing at all, I don't know whats up with that? Useless now. All I did was install xp and formated it NTFS? It was working fine and then after a couple of reboots just went dead? Well if I figure it out I will let you know. Ken

  3. Try something like PartedMagic (open source partition editor), PartitionMagic might also do it (if you prefer commercial software).
  4. Tried it with no luck. I also flashed it and still no go. I will keep you guys updated.
  5. Did you manage to fix it? I have the same problem. It seems that I write files to disk, but after reboot they are erased.
  6. I also have the same issue....this must be happening to a few people but haven't found any info yet on how to get back to write mode.

    I have tried Windows explorer right click - format, just hangs explorer,

    have tried Easeus partition manager and it doesn't even want to see the disk,

    also tried easeus data recovery manager and can copy off the files off disk, but still does not recover partition,

    tried a program called testdisk, which sees the disk, but cannot format, delete partition, or change the r r r settings to also let it write.

    Anyone found a solution yet other than take back to manufacturer?
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