Why do we have to have all this crap about administrators, permissions etc etc.
I buy a computer ,no one else will get near it so why all these complications . why do we not have the option to add these periferalls if we want them.
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  1. If you were the only person on the planet to buy a computer for only the reasons you bought it in your situation where you are locked away in a room with no-one else and no danger at all of anyone hacking into the PC though the internet, no reason at all to have different permisions.

    But since there are millions of PCs used in business and us PC techs have more usefull things to do than uninstall the 20 I.E. toolbars for free icons and shopping people like to install then wonder why their business applications don't work, and there are hackers to use admin accounts to install hidden software on your computer, well there you go.
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