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I am on the hunt for an HTPC case but I can't really find what I want. The system will only use 50-120 watts so a 500w power supply is not needed. My major thing is that I want it slim (no higher than 14cm really) and it must take a full 5 1/2" cd drive. I will be using a mATX mother board.

If anyone has seen anything on the market please let me know as the closest thing I have found is the mozart sx.

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    or its silver counterpart - little taller than the mozart but its only 13.97 cm high :) Its almost identical to my receiver's size.
    The power supply that comes with it is 430W and pretty good quality, more than enough for an htpc since you're never really loading it. I really liked the built in IR that works with most media center remotes. The display itself is iffy but really how useful can it be. Lastly it has a flip-down plate to hide the cd drive. It works alright with my LG blu/hddvd drive but depending where the eject button is you may run into issues. Good luck.
  2. That's the exact case I was going to suggest as well. Check out for help on builds and suggestions. They have a pretty comprehensive list of ideas in many price ranges as well as micro atx and full atx.
  3. Antec Fusion
  4. I did like the mozart but it is just very wide. I will have a look at these suggestions thanks.
  5. My HTPC is in a Moneual 832P case and I'm very satisfied with it. Moneual has a slim model available (Moncaso 301):

    If you are willing to hunt for them, maybe you should consider the Omaura TF5 or TF8. Of course the TF5 would require a slim drive DVD and you said you want a full size DVD.

    TF5 (I know, it needs a slot load DVD but you said you want thin!)

    TF8 (looks real good)

    Too bad they're so hard to find. Dell used to sell them in the US but it looks like they've removed them from their store. :(
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