Kingston 40GB SSDnow V Series in RAID 0

I was lucky enough to be able to pick up a couple of the 40GB kingston SSDs. I'm presently running them in a RAID 0 configuration on an older NVIDIA 680i motherboard. I've installed Windows 7 and a few games. I've also got a 150GB Raptor and a 500GB WD Caviar in the system for apps and files. My main storage is a 4.5 TB Windows Home Server. Very impressed with the benchmarked and subjective speeds that I'm seeing. In particular, I've never seen Flight Simulator X run as smoothly as in this config.

My main question is how to properly maintain these drives over time? It's unlikely that I'll have access to Windows 7 TRIM anytime soon because of some combintation of the Kingston drive, the limited BIOS options of my mobo, and the RAID configuration.

How much of a problem is this likely to be with these Intel G2 drives? Is there anything I can or should do in the meantime to keep them running as well as they are now?

I've been researching the issue all morning and can't seem to find any definitive advice.

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  1. Windows 7 supports TRIM as you know. If the Raid controller supports Trim, then Trim will run on a Raid array. Once the controller manufacturers implement this (I suspect the wheels are turning furiously in most places) then you can trim a raid array.
  2. The other option is a secure erase of data.
  3. I too have the new Kingston drive and unfortunately Trim does not support a raid setup and Kingston has not even released trim support for the drive yet.
  4. Trim support in RAID is dependent on the RAID drivers. Right now, there aren't any RAID implementations that support trim, but that doesn't mean that it won't be supported in the future.
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