ASROCK 4CoreDual-SATA2 775 MOBO DDR AGP PCI-E & AMD AM2 Athlon 64 2.6G

hi everyone,
Just wanted to get some info ,on the asrock mobo .Has anyone had this mobo & amd am2 athlon 64 x2 5000+ dual core cpu 2.6Gb working together.

I can buy the mobo and cpu in australia which is where i live.

Has anyone got some good reports running the mobo & cpu together on a HIS ati x1950 pro 512mg AGP videocard .

The thing is for $200 AU i can get the amd athlon for $92 and the asrock 4coreDuel sata2 775 mobo for $70 ,use my His ati x1950 512mg AGP videocard that i am running in my current p4 3Gb 800fsb socket 478 mobo.

I just want to update my system alittle with the amd & asrock mobo.

Some guys that have purchased this asrock mobo ,has have issues with the asrock mobo,some with the duo 2 intel cpu .

Has anyone tryed the amd 64 5000+ 2.6Gb cpu with this asrock mobo!!!!

I guess i cant really go wrong with the price ,I just want to improve my performance from the old Asus p4p800 mobo with 3Gb Socket 478 to the asrock mobo, and amd 64 5000+ duelcore 2.6Gb.

Any info would be much appreiated.
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  1. If it's an Intel socket 775 then no it can't take an AMD processor.

    ^ in case that's the one you're talking about
  2. I want to stay away from intel and try the asrock mobo + amd am2 64 5000+ 2.6Gb cpu and use my HIS ati x1950 pro . The good thing about this mobo is that its AGP and PCI express compatible!!!

    My main aim here is will this combo be alot faster than my old asus p4p800 deluxe mobo 3Gb p4 800fsb HT AGP system. with 2.5 Gb ddr-400

    I want to buy the asrock mobo + amd 64 5000+ for around $200 and salvage my ati x1950 pro and ddr-400 and through them into the new mobo and see what sort of performance i get for the price.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has gone and got this combo and try it out!!!!
  3. That particular motherboard is an INTEL motherboard. An AMD processor will not FIT in it! (well maybe it will fit if you slegehammer it in, but it won't work) If by some chance i've shown you the wrong motherboard and you have a different one in mind, then post it.
  4. Opps!! your right!! I guess when your looking around for mobo & cpu's you tend to over look things thanks for that.

    so I came across a really good mobo and cpu

    The mobo is a favor at the moment i just want to get the highest speed amd athlon 64 cpu .So far i only came across the 3200+ as the fastest . Is there any faster amd 64 am2 avail for this mobo

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