GPU Upgrade for low end PC

Hello there :

i need an advice about buying a new GPU for my PC and here is the spec :-

Mobo : 945-p Gigabyte

Cpu : p4 3.06\ 1 mega (i know it's too weak)

Ram : 2*1 giga (667)

GPU : 6600 gigabyte 256

Display : Lcd 19 Samsung not wide

PSU : Hec 300 watt

i'm thinking in 9600 gt or 3850 but will i got remarkable performance if i switch to this new cards i know that though games like Crysis and Assassin will still hard to play but what about the other games.i want to play on 1280*1024 so if i upgrade only the GPU will i be able to play on this resolution with high settings.thanks in advance
execuse me for my bad english.
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  1. According to BFG, their 9600GT needs a 425W power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 28A or more. The 3850 is about the same.

    In either case, you need to buy a new power supply too, and you will see a very big improvement.
  2. I would just save my money and upgrade everything together. If you get a new video card, you'll need a better power supply (you actually should replace it now anyway). Plus, the new gpu would be bottlenecked by your current cpu.
  3. so if i bought a new PSU with a new card will i see big improvement,are u sure aevm :D?

    orangegator i can't upgrade every thing right now or in the future i know that my cpu will bottleneck my gpu but my question was about getting obvious change in performance when upgrade GPU.any way thanks for the help.looking for more advices.
  4. You will see a huge improvement

    snag a cheap core2duo while your at it...
  5. I would go for a 3850, or the 9600GT. If he were to get a core2 than he would likely need a new mobo. I'm betting the P4 he has is S478. So, He would be looking at New PSU,GPU,Mobo,CPU. Thats probably more than he was looking to spend. So, maybe something like a HD 36XX card would be better, when he only has a 300watt PSU with how many amps on the 12V rail??
  6. Could he maybe get a 8800GS/9600GSO and still keep the 300W PSU? What're the requirements for that?

    I'm thinking if he replaces the 6600 with an 8800GS/9600GSO and replaces the P4 with a low-end C2D (like maybe one of the E2xxx ones), they would take up even less power than what he's got now.
  7. Yeah I'm sure the 9600GT would make a big difference over a 6600. OK, maybe not if your games are all CPU-bound and wait on that Pentium, but that's not very likely IMO.

    For best results remove the CPU bottleneck too by getting a Core 2. But for that we need to make sure your MB supports it first.
    What exactly is the model number of your motherboard? Some Gigabyte 945P motherboards do support Core 2, for example the GA-945P-S3, so you might be lucky there.
  8. yah... we need to know the exact motherboard. :(
  9. Yes aevm is sure, in fact when i disagree with aevm i usually check to find out where i'm making my mistake.
  10. this is my mobo

    and it's not support core2duo but i can get another 945-s3 from my friend but i'm afraid of that cos it has a built-in GPU and i hate this.i know that i can disable this and install the new GPU but is that will cause any problems?
    about the games i play all with my old GPU at 1024*768 low setting or medium of course except Crysis and assassin.i want to play the majority on 1280*1024 with high so what i need exactly to upgrade without building a new PC.
    Really thanks guys for help.
  11. it might be worth it for you to get a pentium D for your system. while its not particularly fast compared to the core 2's, its still alot better than a p4.
  12. i really know that my machine is too slow and need to be replaced with a new one but i can't do this right main question,will i see huge change in performance if i replaced my 6600 with 9600 or any new card? i need a clear answer cos i don't want to spend money just for getting 10 fbs more.
  13. yes its worth it, massive performace increase

    look at this acticle from tomshardware, with a amd 3400 (simlliar to your p4). in the test it shows the difference between a 6600gt (agp) (which is simlliar to your card) and 3850 HD agp (which is simlliar to the 9600gt).

    at 1280*1024 on crysis (high-med) on a singe core cpu with 6600gt gets 1 frame per sec while with a 3850 gets 20 frames per sec

    but do not think your going to max games out with with 4 times AA and 16AA in new games but med to high @ 1280*1024. also with 2gb ram you got it helps with higher res and setting such as in games like ac, crysis and even bf2

    link below,1939-4.html

    good luck with your card
  14. thanks a lot greenberet1990 for ur helpful replay
  15. Hello....sorry to bother..but i might have the same issue as the one who started the topic....I have a PC with Athlon64 2800+[1.8Ghz],512MbRam[will be 2 Gb in a few moments :)] , radeon9200se Sapphire, 450W no-name power supply.....2 hard drives , a dvd-rw and a combo...and...i want a video card for HD playback:)..and also for the new question....between hd2600xt and hd3650 which one is more recomended.....and second question..if i choose the hd3650.....ASus..or Sapphire?[both don;t have a verry good cooling system...but sapphire has better drivers ..but but but....Asus has HDMI...while sapphire doesn't...:(...why is that?..]...
  16. HD 3650 with GDDR2 < 2600XT < HD 3650 with GDDR3. They're all perfect for HTPC but too weak for recent games.

    Get this Sapphire HD 3850 512MB for $109 (including shipping)
    It will be a lot better in games than the 2600XT or HD 3650, for about $20 or $40 more. 450W is enough for it, btw.

    Or, this Asus HD 4850, for $158 (free shipping)
    Your PSU is still OK for this one too, and it's a lot faster. It might be bottlenecked by the CPU but I think it would still be worth it.

    Both the 3850 and the 4850 come with DVI to HDMI adapters, by the way.
  17. I don;t think you;re getting it..:))..i live in romaniaaaaaaaaa....and here..the 3850 costs about 150-200 plus..i have mine on AGP..what you sent me in the links were the Pci express...i don't think they'll fit :) for orientative versions still expensive compared to pci-express.....
    So i know to avoid the ASus hd3650 silent ddr2, but problem is again....2600XT has HDMI while the HD3650 doesn;t ....why the hell not???......and....i think i need a new cooler for the video cards if i am correct :)
  18. Well, you didn't say AGP. Just looking at newegg, all the AGP versions of the HD 3650 have DDR2. I guess you might as well get the 2600XT.

    The Asus HD 3650 AGP does have HDMI, it's provided by an adapter (DVI to HDMI).
  19. seems like i can never make myself clear :).....soory about;s my issue between 2600XT and hd3650 on AGP is this.. bad although it seems that the ASsus silent Radiator does a better job than the Sapphire one..
    2.Sapphire HD2600XT has HDMMI support,......Sapphire HD3650.....doesn' why the hell is that happening?..
    3.Sapphire HD2600xt and asus hd3650 have hdmi.....but the drivers from Asus ...are..reallly.reallly bad.. :(....the sapphire ones work well...but..why not hd3650?..
    4.hd3650 although it has a better technology on GPU, is slower in drawing or transmiting information......what the?.....

    Still undecided which video card to buy form my AGP ....i await some answers..:-s
  20. maybe i should just grab that Asus hd3650 and buy it a decent cooling system...problem again the fact that the zalman cooler that i like,.and i know it works pretty well....doessssnnn't have suppoort for the hd3650..:(.... i so hate this...
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