Northbridge & Southbride Extremely Hot?

So I've gotten my new P4 board, and reading reviews it seems like the Northbridge and Southbridge run extremely hot. I was taking a lok into and I decided to check on the temps, however the sensors are borken so...finger thermometer ftw :lol:

Anyways it is acutally really hgot, burnt my finger :p So is it good to invest in a small 40mm fan for the NB and a VGA or Chipset heat sink for the SB? I've heard LAN port and other things can fail if the NB or SB is too hot and fails, ort something.

Heres the MoBo
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  1. i suppose you could, its really not that expensive to do either
  2. So, do I use a thermal adhesive pad to attach the heatsink to the southbridge?
  3. if by some chance your installation of a heatsink doesnt work as well as the one provided, you may be kissing your new motherboard goodbye. ^^
  4. I've heard of people using arctic silver ceramique is popular for the NB and SB, because it is electrically nonconductive. Though, I dont know if you will need an adhesive for the SB or not....
  5. dont bother - they supposed to generate some heat and will work fine (i can tell you have never experienced the heat from an nvidia chipset ;) ), and btw why the horrible via based motherboard? *shudders*
  6. Haha, this was supposed to be a build for web browsing and whatnot with a old P4 I had lyin around. Only S478 board left.

    I wasn't going to change the NB heatsnink just attach a fan on it. But I was gonna attach on to the SB. Or should I jsut get the 40mm fan for the NB and install another 120mm fan at the front of the case to inprove airflow? There is only one 120mm at the back exhausting right now.
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