8600gt to 9600gt worth it

I would like to start gaming, but I think my 8600gt (ddr2) version is a little underpowered. So I went to my local computer parts store, and inquired about a 9600gt for $175 minus $45 for my old card. Anyways the guy helping me said it wouldn't be a noticeable upgrade. Looking at the nvidia site it looks like the 9600gt would be about twice as powerful as what I already have. Is it worth my $130 for a new card? Also I am partial to nvidia based cards as I have had 4 of them one of them being an mx440 card.
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  1. its more than worth it... BUT those guys at tech stores don't now sh*t... get a 4850 instead... its more powerful and about 150 now
  2. Yes its worth it,9600GT is alot better than 8600GT,however as thogrom said if u can get a HD 4850
  3. I have a 9600GT on my PC. It is a very good card. However, since the price for graphics cards has gone down you can pick up a 8800gt 512 for around $130-140 its a better card for the money and I wish I could have waited before I bought the 9600.
  4. HD 4850 is the best card for under 200 dollars. I haven't seen them paired against a 800gt 512 but i do know they beat out the 9600gt most every time (except in crysis I think, but that is a big time nvidia-bitch platform anyway).
  5. If you'd like to start gaming, I expect you'll find that your 8600gt under-performs your expectations. However, your prices are out of line.

    8800GS should run around $80
    9600GT should run around $100
    8800GT should run around $120
    HD4850 should run around $150

    These are after-rebate, good prices (you might need to keep your eye out). All of them will significantly outperform your 8600gt, and are worthwhile at their price points. But, you should buy a game or two first, and make sure that the 8600gt isn't good enough for your tastes.

    The boys at the shop are wrong; a 9600gt destroys a 8600gt.
  6. Tell the PC shop to get lost... 175 for a 9600 gt is just ridiculous.... don't be that guy :)


    99$ After 10$ Rebate...Heck I found half a dozen on the Egg for 95$$ after MIR :)

    The 9600 completely dominates the 8600gt in every way...
  7. If you're willing to pay $150-$170 for a graphics upgrade, get a 4850 and don't look back. It flattens the 9600GT, which in turn flattens the 8600GT. It would be a huge upgrade.
  8. As these guys are saying, if you are in the USA, their $175 price is way too high and should get you a much better card than the 9600GT. If you are elsewhere, and $175 is the going price, then go for it as GDDR2 8600GT to 9600GT is a huge step up.
  9. maybe you should stop telling him which side ure on when it comes to hardware choosing cuz the guy didnt come here to listen u defend ati or something but to ask which one he should choose.
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