I can't reach 3.6 ghz on my Phenom II X3 720

Motherboard: Asus M4A78T-E
Cooling: Scythe Mugen2 + Arctic Silver 5
Power Supply: Antec SG850

At 3.3 ghz and auto voltage, I get 34 CPU idle, 24 core idle, and 43 CPU load with 36 core load.
However, I just can't get beyond 3.3 ghz. Can anyone help? I've tried 3.6 ghz with 1.4500, 1.4750, and 1.5000
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  1. I have a 720 too and those voltages seem too high, I had best luck with 1.375V - 1.4V. Try that. Also on your MoBo there may be a jumper that will allow for something called overvolting. Look in your manual and see if that jumper exists, I know on my board it allows for up to 1.6V.
  2. I tried everything from 1.35 - 1.550 while it would not even get past seconds of prime on anything including 1.40, 1.425, 1.450, 1.475, 1.500, 1.5250, 1.5500 seems to work fine and I'm running it now. Is this a safe voltage? I'm getting 45 degrees core on load and 51 CPU.
  3. I have a Gigabyte mobo and i am 3.69Mhz with a 17x multiplier-217HT-NB volts +0.025-Cpu volts +0.150 (1.456 volts) and 46c on Prime for 12 hrs.-Sometimes that bump in the NB volts can a little stability.
  4. There are many misconcepections about overclocking AMD's x2's, x3's and in some cases x4's.... If you are stuck with the multiplier not going any higher then lower it by .5 at a time and raise the HT.... works for me....
  5. Thats what i had to do. I couldnt get stable at 17.5x, but i dropped it down to 17 and upped my HT and have been stable ever since.
  6. try bumping nb voltage up should stabilize it
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