First Build..Please Help...No video on first boot only...

I finally built my first PC. I was incredibly excited until the first boot - no video signal, my monitor stayed in sleep mode. I hit the reset button - video comes up. I figured it was a fluke.

I shut the PC down at the end of the day. The next morning, I started it up....No video signal...I hit the reset button again - video comes up. This problem occurs on every cold boot.

I have already tried the following:

Disabled onboard video (MB - BIOSTAR TA780G M2+)
Reseated RAM (2GB 6400 G-SKILL)
Reseated Video Card (PCIe - ATI HD3870)
Different RAM (1GB 4200 Kingston)
Reseated Sound Card (PCI - SB AUDIGY 4 Pro)
Checked all power connections (PSU - Rosewill 600W)
Reseated CPU (AMD 5000+ Black Edition)
Checked Casse Power and Reset button Connections
Removed Battery & Cleared CMOS
Tried different cables for video (DVI and VGA)
Other Hardware:
Seagate 250GB SATA HDD
USB Card Reader
2 Case Fans (120mm)

After going through all that without a fix - I removed the video card, and booted with onboard video - VIDEO! I bought a new video card thinking the video card was busted, but when I installed the new card, the problem has come back!

Any one have any ideas? I don't have access to a ton of parts, or money to buy new parts...
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  1. Is this possible: The motherboard doesn't have enough power on the cold boot to start the video card, but it does on a reset, or boot after everything has already run? I read that in a couple of places, but haven't considered the PSU because it was 600w...
  2. I have similar - and I think problem is video card. We are facing a lot of "could-be's", so testing component in known working system seems to be the best approach.

    In my case, the video card in another working system produced One Long Beep and Two Short Beeps on cold start. According to the motherboard manufacturer for that system, it meant "bad display".

    Since it could be a signal interface problem between the video card and the monitor, I also changed the monitor - and since I got the same result, I have narrowed it down to a problem with the video card.

    As the "boot" is the problem, it doesn't involve drivers or utilities which do not load until after initial boot is performed - this is BIOS/system hardware level issue.

    My guess is there is a sloppy clock on the video card which needs a jolt to get going in the morning.
  3. I have the same problem with the same MB and CPU. My problem started after adding 2 GB ram and upgrading CPU from 3600. It is strictly a cold boot problem and PC works great rest of the time. Guess I wont change anything until it refuses to start. It appears that the MB doesn't have enough juice to kick in the video. Changed PSU - no change. Good luck.
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