Guide to Overclocking QX9770

Please tell me of a novice guide to Guide to Overclocking QX9770. Thank you
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  1. You bought a xtreme cpu and you want a novice guide to OC it??
  2. The motherboard and ram you are using is a large part of the overclockability of that cpu.

    Give more specs and someone can likely give you a good general guide in the next few posts...
  3. ^yep we need more info.
  4. Or you could read the sticky in this very forum...
  5. Cooling/case info would be helpful too. The QX9770 has a thermal spec of 55.5°C and requires a setup rated for TDP 136w and that's BEFORE overclocking!

    And BTW, there's really no practical reason to oc an extreme quad unless you like to alt tab between Fallout, Crysis, and decoding the human genome. People mostly just do it for bragging rights and the lulz.
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