When Print Is Selected Nothing Happens

When File|Print is selected in any app or Print Preview is selected in IE, no print dialog box appears, nothing happens. If "Print Test Page" is chosen from printer properties, test page is printed.
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  1. unplug the printer, go into hardware profiles and delete the device driver / disable the device
    go into add remove programs, and delete the printer software
    restart, turn antivirus off, plug in printer, allow windows to discover the device automatically and install the device driver. You may need to insert the printer software disk and allow windows to find the correct driver from that disk.
    restart, insert printer software disk, with the antivirus turned off, now load the printer software.
    restart, turn the anti virus back on
    click start, click control panel, click printers and faxes, is your printer shown on the list?
    Does your printer have a green check mark, indicating that the printer is selected as the default printer?
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