9600GT Vista Problems nvlddmkm has stopped responding/ artifacts/ BSOD

Recently installed a new Evga 9600gt SSC edition into a fresh built system with vista home premium 32 bit. The system appeared stable but about 30 seconds into 3d mark it crashes and vista says the video driver Nvlddmkm has stopped working but has been recovered. The problem then continues in a cycle until eventually the system crashes into a BSOD or hardlock. This happens with all 3d applications and sometimes even just idling. I have tried multiple drivers to no avail. I have tried it on 2 systems both have the problem.

Nothing is overlocked ever at all.

System A. core 2 quad kentsfield Q6600, 2gd ddr2 667, (gateway motherboard with latest bios and drivers. Tried with vista ultimate 64 bit as well. SAME PROBLEM with 64 bit driver. Also stable with 8500gt/8600gts.

System B - All new components was completely stable with same driver and an 8500gt. Have tried different power supplies as well. Athlon x2 6000, Abit an52v, 2gb DDr2 800 OCZ 4-4-4-12.

I am at a complete loss, apparently this problem was common when vista and nvidia drivers were maturing. I cannot find an answer amongst all the people looking for help. I dont see how it could be the card itself, considering its brand new and it does operate fine for the time before it crashes. help!
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  1. an "SSC" edition is overclocked by default, typically these types of errors are actually caused by overclocking - its possible that the GPU was a mislabelled part, and should've been a "regular" edition, or the GPU may simply be faulty.
  2. Its also possible you are having an overheating issue.. regardless

    Install EVGA precision if you haven't already http://www.evga.com/articles/405.asp

    Try the following settings:

    650 gpu clock speed with shader clock linked to the gpu (this will make sense when you see the utility, if you haven't before)
    900 memory clock speed
    fan speed 40%

    Attempt the same testing you have before, if you get the same errors at default clocks then I would say its safe to assume that the card is likely faulty.
  3. Hi, I have also read about this and under clocked the card with riva tuner to stock settings, did not help as far as I can tell.
  4. Could you be more specific on what PSUs you used?
  5. maybe psu not sufficient?
  6. I doubt that, the 9600 GT doesn't have a very large psu requirement and both systems he listed seem pretty modern.

    Faulty card i'd imagine :/
  7. I have read about this problem all over the internet hundreds of thousands of people had this problem earlier in vista development, many less have it now but some still do, there is still apparently no universal fix at least that I can find. I cant understand how the card could be faulty, I will try it under an xp system if I could find my disk. Most people say this issue is resolved or doesnt occur with the same card under XP. Others do say indeed that the getting the same card again fixed the problem or switching to a different card. The PSU I tried is 650 watt aero cool zero DBA SLI certified easily enough power on the +12v.
  8. w/e you say, good luck
  9. Same problem under XP.. must be the card has anyone dealt with EVGAS customer service/ RMA operations? are they any good? I will try to under clock the card one more time under xp and see if it happens.
  10. I hear good things about EVGA customer service.
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