Windows xp my computer does not detect half of the hard drive

windows XP Professional
does not recognize 250 g hard drive, only partial
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  1. Right click My Computer.
    Click Manage.
    Select Disk Management.

    Is your hard drive shown as having a second partition without a Drive Letter? Might say Healthy Primary Partition or Unallocated.
  2. MAYBE this is the old 48-bit LBA issue. Have you had a hard drive in use on this machine before larger than 128 GB? Is your Win XP Pro the original version with NO Service Packs installed?

    The first released version of Win XP did not include something called "48-bit LBA Support", but that was added in Service Pack 1 and all later versions. Without it, Windows cannot use any hard drive volume larger than 128 GB in Windows' measurement system (HDD makers call this 137 GB). If that is your problem I strongly advise you to update your Win XP Pro to the latest Service Pack 3, plus any other related updates. When done, BACK UP anything on that new drive you want to keep, becasue my next step is to destoy everythiing on it!

    Then you can go into Disk Manager and do three things:
    1. Delete ALL exiting Partitions on the drive so it is all "Unallocated Space".
    2. Create a Primary Partition which uses ALL the available space. Assuming you do not want to boot from it - only use it for data - make it NOT bootable.
    3. Then you must Format this new drive using the NTFS File System. I recommend a Quick Format to take 10 to 15 minutes. You can take MANY HOURS to do a Full Format that will also test every part of the drive, not usually necessary for a new drive.

    When done, exit out of Disk Manager and reboot.
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