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Some Concern for new GTX 260

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 31, 2008 1:33:43 AM

The first of my step-up EVGA 260's arrived today, and I installed it with only one minor hiccup (the molex to 6 pin connector was bad). Everything runs great, games are very smooth. However, I do have a concern with a noise the card is making. When using ATI Tool's artifact scan or any other time the card is under high load, it makes a really shrill, high pitched noise (this is not the fan). It makes this noise regardless of overclocked or stock speeds, and it is less noticable in games. Performance in everything I've tested (games, movies, benchmarks) is flawless. Anyone have any ideas of what this is or what I should do?

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July 31, 2008 2:00:19 AM

It could be of that your 6-pin connector is bad in result of your noise issue. Do you have another 6-pin connector? May be that's what it could be, I might be wrong. Check and see if there is something is touching it like a metal object? If this doesn't resolve, RMA it through EVGA and tell them about the issue your having and they can best handle it.

Good Luck Man.
July 31, 2008 2:12:56 AM

I have heard of someone that ran into the same problem is like a squealing noise that is not fan related. Someone suggested it could be a bad capacitor. I have never seen/heard one do that before but maybe that could be it? Can you see if any of them look damaged?
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July 31, 2008 5:06:33 AM

I was beginning to think there was no other cause then the card itself, nothing seemed to work. The last thing I could try was a different system. So I put the 280 into an older system with a Gigabyte P35, Q6600, 4GB ram, 3 HDDs, Vista64, and used the same 850w PSU from my main rig. I only did limited tests on this setup as I was short on time, and am currently away from home. What I did do however, was install 177.41, Precision 1.21, 3Dmark06, and Furmark. 3Dmark seemed fine for the first test so I moved on to Furmark, that was fine, and then to CSS, which was fine aswell. These were all running in 1280x1024, and I did not run anything but Vantage Performance Preset and 3DMark06 at 1280x1024 on my main PC. I don't think it's the resolution though. The fan was also at 100% during these tests, ruling out strain on the fan. After about 20 minutes of testing, there was no screeching as far as I could tell. BTW, the airflow in this 2nd system was horrible as it was quickly put together for a quick test only, and the card did not go over 85*C. So for people with overheating issues, I dont think it can be explained by airflow alone.

This issue is common with high end cards, and will continue to become more prevalent as cards use more and more power. Some people can notice this squeal, others cannot.

Capacitors under heavy load will make the squealing sound mentioned. Most of the time, its just an aesthetics issue. Other times it can be a sign of a failing capacitor (and card, as a result)

I had something like this with my 8800 really annoying. It got worse when I switched to a P5K Deluxe motherboard as I recall. I finally tracked the high pitched noise to the power supply. I replaced my PCP&C 750 watt with another, and same problem..then I switched to the 1kw enermax and end of problem.

Lot of people saying it could be a psu issue - seems weird anyways - could be a faulty card, others say RMA-ing to a different card solved their problem.
July 31, 2008 5:18:06 AM

EDIT: combined a few posts.

I've only noticed this whenever I was benching with 3dmark06 - and I actually determined it was coming from my DVD-RW, not my gpu, as far as I could tell.

I'll download the ATI Tool's program and see if I have any issues and i'll let you know.

Okay, i'm running it now and i'm not getting any high pitched squealing from any of my components.

I have heard of someone that ran into the same problem is like a squealing noise that is not fan related. Someone suggested it could be a bad capacitor . I have never seen/heard one do that before but maybe that could be it? Can you see if any of them look damaged?

I've heard of squealing capacitors before too - you could be right.

Okay, I just did some good ole fashioned empyrical observation on my own system.

I use a 400watt psu module in my 5.25" drive bay to power my second gtx260 - I had it left over from another system and didn't feel like buying a new PSU yet.

Anyways, so about that squealing issue? I determined that the "squealing" I am getting is coming from this Power supply unit, its not coming from the graphics card or the DVD-RW

How I tested this:

Crysis menus catapult frame-rates into the zillions, this made it squeal.

Loading screens between 3dmark06 tests also made this squeal.

So that said, i'd recommend trying my testing method at least for the sake of argument and put your ear beside your PSU and see if you hear any noise. :-)

Myself, thats the only time i'm noticing it - it hasn't been a problem for me yet, so maybe it has something to do with the amp load from the PSU?
July 31, 2008 12:22:31 PM

Hmmm, this does not seem to be the case with me. Loading menus (when frame-rates or really high) do not make it squeal, it is only when the card itself is under load. I have tried pretty hard to determine where the squeal is coming from, and I am almost certain it was from the card and not the PSU, which was one of the first things I checked. Also, I don't think its the PSU because I tested again with my 9800 GTX (the one still here for now) and no sound at all. I guess I will call EVGA today and let them know, thanks for your responses.
July 31, 2008 11:20:32 PM

Update: I called EVGA and they said that it shouldn't be a problem. Basically, they said 40 amps is a lot (duh) and that it is pushing the capacitors on the card, which is what is producing the noise. Said that it should not affect performance, and the problem should not intensify in the long run. Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this same concern.