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I have many files, large and small ones, but they make about 70% of my HDD.
Since I have made backups and reinstalled my Windows XP the files are copied just right after installation so those files are really near the center of HDD, my computer now is bit slow because of it, all new files will write really was from the center.
Is there a way to move those files from one zone to another?
Disk defragmenter seems to do that, but the application decides which files I need to move and makes a decision based on how many times I opened the file, I kinda use those "storage files" a lot.
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    Hard drive access is really quite fast. Most can beat 7ms inner to outer track access. Can you perceive 7 thousandth of a second on your machines performance? If the drive has been defragmented, the test is even harder to detect as the drive only has to go to one track initially and start reading as all files are in-line and not scattered around. If you perceive a slow down, it is something else.
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