I7920 asus pt6 deluxe overclocking temps.. need some help pls

Hi, I'm fairly new to overclocking and have been trying to overclock a i7920 on an Asus p6t Deluxe v2. Real temp is showing around 50c on all cores with no load. I ran Prime 95 and temps shot up within the first 2 minutes to 100c and i shut it down. I have the Haf 932 case with plenty of fans and airflow, A 1000w psu and a zahlman 9700 led heatsink and fan.
I went with a straightforward overclocking vid off of the net and here are my settings.. Like i said, im new to OC so bear with me if something is wrong.

AI Clock Tuner {Manual}
Cpu Ratio Setting {Auto}
Intel Speedstep {Disabled}
Bck Freq {190}
PCIE {100}
DRAM Freq {1523}

Cpu Voltage {1.35000}
All else set to Auto

I'm Reading everywhere that ppl have around 60-70c at max load. Can someone pls help with ? :heink:
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  1. Read up on overshocked i7 OCing guide....
  2. Hi, i briefly read over it.. It doesn't much explain why my temps are so high though?
  3. So what is your CPU freq. right now?

    The Zalman CNPS 9x00 series weren't really good coolers, even for C2D/C2Q's. i7 runs even hotter, it'll won't cool as well.

    Used to own one with a E8500, I soon then switched it for a Xigmatek Dark Knight. Too bad I don't have that rig anymroe :( lol
  4. Is my heatsink maybe not attached properly? With no overclock im at 51c with no load. and 87 or so at max... even with no overclocking my system seems to be running hotter then ppl who are overclocked. Perhaps its my gtx295 co-op edition?
  5. Lower your voltage, you probably only need 1.25 v max, probably more like 1.22. Also if you are serious about overclocking you should change heatsinks.
  6. Lowering my voltage will drop my temps by 30c?
  7. I dunno, why don't you try it and find out?
  8. I set the voltage down to 1.22 and im hovering at about 40-42 idle. any other tips? Thats with no overclocking
  9. Its probably just the heatsink, reseat and reapply TIM. If that doesn't work then the HSF is probably not good enough. There are better coolers out there for LGS775 CPU's
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