Need some advice on choosing a Graphics card please11

Hi guys,

I'm in the midst of building a new PC but can't decide on a GPU. Hopefully you can throw some suggestions my way!

So far I've got myself a Foxconn Mars mo'bo and a Q6600 (G0) CPU. I'm looking to spend about £150 on a graphics card (less if possible though!). Is it worth me going for a 9600GT or a Radeon 4850? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Whats the main use of the computer?

    You are REALLY close there to being able to afford the 4870 at about £172, cant you rejig your components a bit to get a 4870? well worth the extra money. Have you already brought the other bits in?
  2. +1 for a 48x0
  3. 4850 is enough ;)
  4. Thanks for the responses guys!

    I'll be mainly using the machine for gaming and a bit of music recording, but I've only bought the mo'bo and CPU so far. I guess I could put off buying the 2nd Samsung F1 drive that I was considering... :) Are the 4870's really that much better then?

    I've heard some horror stories about cooling on the 4850's, hopefully the 4870 will be somewhat better in that respect.

    Is there much difference between manufacturers - i.e Powercolor and Sapphire? or are they all identical components/specs?


  5. Ive heard the first generation are identical specs and components differing only in the bundled goodies stickers and prices.

    The 4870 has a better cooling system than the 4850 and its quieter when flat out, and it runs a good bit cooler and is at least 20% faster! Thats a decent chunk of extra performance, it represents keeping those sliders more to the right a bit longer!

    I have an overclocked 8800gtx and a stock clocked 4870 in otherwise identical rigs the 4870 is averageing 40% faster than the venerable 8800gtx Making higher settings more playable.

    As far as Im concerned when gaming the more eye candy I can run with the better, and 20% extra does allow for a nice bit of extra eye candy.
  6. Hmmm sounds like the 4870 might be the best option then (budget permitting), but if I can't stretch to that I'll look to go for the 4850 then :)

    Thanks for all your input guys! Very much appreciated!

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